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4 May 2024 - News

Esther Aluo’s Journey in Saving Preterm Babies in Uganda

In the heart of Kampala, Uganda, 30-year-old registered Nurse Esther Martha Aluo is making waves with her empathetic and dedicated approach to neonatal care at Kisenyi Health Center IV. Esther's story in nursing began in 2019, initially serving in the Outpatient Department before fate steered her towards the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in 2021.

Despite initial nerves, Esther found herself immersed in a world of miracles and profound purpose, caring for fragile premature babies. However, the transition to the NICU was not without its challenges.

Esther and her colleagues faced daunting tasks with limited resources and little guidance. The situation took a positive turn in 2022 when Save the Children's SWAP (Saving Women and Preterm Babies) project extended a helping hand. Through a comprehensive support system that included training, mentorship, and vital medical equipment provision, Save the Children transformed the NICU into a centre of healing and hope.

Esther underwent intensive training in advanced neonatal care techniques, mastering devices like the Vayu BCPAP, and embracing practices such as Kangaroo Mother Care. Armed with newfound knowledge and confidence, Esther became a savior to countless families facing the uncertainty of neonatal illness. One particularly touching memory stands out: a young 16-year-old mother arrived trembling, holding her fragile premature baby, their futures hanging in the balance.

On that day Esther embarked on a journey of healing and hope for this young family. Through the use of advanced medical equipment and compassionate care, she poured her expertise into nurturing the tiny life before her. Under her devoted care and the support of Save the Children's resources, the baby was saved. Amidst the beeping monitors and whispered prayers, Esther understood the true essence of her calling. Beyond the medical interventions and the sterile walls of the NICU, she recognized the profound impact of her work on individuals and families.

Esther acknowledges that none of this would be possible without the support of Save the Children and the tireless efforts of her fellow healthcare providers. Esther's greatest reward rests in the smiles of grateful parents and the knowledge that her efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.